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Install GpsTrackLive on your mobile!

NEW!!! Now you can install GPStrackLive on your phone directly over the internet !


How it works:

  • By filling in your mobile number and clicking on "Send SMS" a free SMS will be send to your phone.
  • You must open the SMS and select the link that is inside it to start the downloading of the Java program.
  • WARNING: If you proceed to installing You will be charged for the WAP/GPRS traffic which is about 160kb.
    By opening the SMS you DONT get charged, only after proceding to installation

[ Alternatively If you want to use your mobile installation manager for java programs
the 'OTA Url' to use is ]

Enter your phone number

  • Put your coutry code in front
  • Use only numbers
  • No spaces
Example: 30694726224
Send SMS