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German Open HG 2015 / Task 2 (Rigid) / 2015-08-05

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  • These results are only for informational purposes !!!
  • The live scoring is computed based on the livetracks of pilots every 5 minutes
  • The current scoring was computed on 2015-09-23 08:08:00 GMT

Temporary live task results

#Pilot NamePilot IDTask KmTask Time#Turn PointsTask ResultLive Track?TrackLogUpload
1Bernat, Robert110163.0004:01:366GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
2Grabowski, Tim51162.7003:14:205LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
3Nadlinger, Arnold63146.4004:48:105LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
4Müglich, Dieter60127.5000:00:004LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
5Heer, Rudolf80115.8000:00:003LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
6Rössler, Rainer66103.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
7Rüdinger, Jürgen68101.9000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
8Kienöl, Volkmar72101.5000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
9Füllgraebe, Mike101101.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
10Kirchner, Norbert5387.7000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
11Skirko, Oleg10386.9000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
12Punet, Carlos5285.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
13Friedemann, Peter5484.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
14Zeyher, Jochen5882.4000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
15Binsteiner, Sebastian7576.6000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
16Vos, Jakob10273.9000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
17Miederhoff, Ralf10973.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
18Braun, Lothar5670.9000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
19Wilms, Helmut6770.0000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
20Veit, Manfred6265.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
21Seren, Thomas6964.1000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
22Vaupel, Manfred7951.4000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
23Beck, Diether10750.0000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
24Hanfstängl, Markus5949.7000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
25Puritscher, Hans-Peter7740.8000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
26Mayer, Alfred6431.4000:00:002LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
27Langhans, Klaus-Peter7820.8000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
28Sommerkamp, Sven11120.4000:00:001LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
29Ripkens, Dirk572.3000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
30Raumauf, Toni552.1000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
31Müller, Neithard731.9000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
32Schreiner, Thomas611.9000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
33Kühn, Manfred741.5000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
34Hoffmann, Detlev651.4000:00:001LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
35Baisch, Markus710.9000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
36Nisser, Wolfgang700.2000:00:001LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
37Krenz, Uwe760.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
38Kirchner, Markus1080.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
39Schäfer, Knud1130.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
40Ehmann, Andreas104-1.0000:00:-1-1INCORRECT TRACK FILE !!! YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload