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German Open HG / Task 1 / 2016-05-05

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  • These results are only for informational purposes !!!
  • The live scoring is computed based on the livetracks of pilots every 5 minutes
  • The current scoring was computed on 2016-05-05 17:57:01 GMT

Temporary live task results

#Pilot NamePilot IDTask KmTask Time#Turn PointsTask ResultLive Track?TrackLogUpload
1Kirchner, Norbert6890.7001:40:498GOAL - TracklogUpload
2Bernat, Robert10790.7001:42:228GOAL YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
3Gricar, Primoz390.7001:42:418GOAL - TracklogUpload
4Selenati, Suan5790.7002:02:088GOAL - TracklogUpload
5Müglich, Dieter6490.7002:10:278GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
6Zeyher, Jochen6790.7002:12:308GOAL - TracklogUpload
7Kaiser, Raimund1190.7002:15:138GOAL - TracklogUpload
8Lukyanov, Konstantin2290.7002:25:298GOAL YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
9Puritscher, Hans-Peter10490.7002:27:538GOAL - TracklogUpload
10Haeffner, Dirk7890.7002:28:488GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
11Binsteiner, Sebastian7590.7002:30:328GOAL - TracklogUpload
12Todzy, Dirk5590.7002:30:418GOAL - TracklogUpload
13Dönhuber, Gerd190.7002:30:428GOAL - TracklogUpload
14Wöhrle, Roland290.7002:51:098GOAL - TracklogUpload
15Waibel, Joachim5690.7002:56:288GOAL - TracklogUpload
16Ehmann, Andreas10990.7002:57:228GOAL YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
17Ebenfeld, Markus3290.7003:00:518GOAL - TracklogUpload
18Muth, Carsten3790.7003:01:358GOAL - TracklogUpload
19Wozny, Eckard10690.7003:03:178GOAL - TracklogUpload
20Lüders, Konrad2190.7003:05:598GOAL - TracklogUpload
21Vollmer, Achim1490.0002:52:237LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
22Peternel, Franc2688.5000:00:006LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
23Ripkens, Dirk6684.4000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
24Willemeit, Jonas5884.1000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
25Tänzer, Arne684.0000:00:006LO - TracklogUpload
26Nadlinger, Arnold7783.9000:00:005LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
27Hofmann, Philipp3483.4000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
28Bloder, Karl3679.9000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
29Messing, Michael2579.8000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
30Baisch, Markus7178.9000:00:005LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
31Clauß, Kajo1673.8000:00:005LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
32Wanders, Gijs1073.5000:00:005LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
33Kimmich, Andreas10373.5000:00:005LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
34Jansen, Emiel3173.1000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
35Beeker, Andreas2972.6000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
36Grabowski, Tim6171.3000:00:005LO - TracklogUpload
37Kamml, Dieter7070.6000:00:005LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
38Mayer, Alfred7270.5000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
39Friedemann, Peter6270.5000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
40Miederhoff, Ralf6570.5000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
41Herzog, Richard10570.4000:00:004LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
42Bader, Lukas470.0000:00:004LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
43Tschurnig, Günther769.7000:00:004LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
44Peschl, Friedrich1869.4000:00:004LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
45Klemencic, Matjaz1567.6000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
46Modersohn, Leander3067.6000:00:004LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
47Veit, Manfred7666.8000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
48Geppert, Walter10266.7000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
49Schröter, Eckhart11363.6000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
50Weist, Bernd11461.8000:00:004LO - TracklogUpload
51Friedl, Christopher8060.1000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
52Krenz, Uwe7359.6000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
53Khramov, Gennady2758.5000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
54Hanfstängl, Markus6956.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
55Van Schaik, Sander2355.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
56Liebig, Richard2448.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
57Hofmann, Michael5248.0000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
58Riezler, Markus4246.5000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
59Scherrieble, Mirjan Paul4046.4000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
60Eertman, Joost1946.4000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
61Wolterhoff, Hermann6046.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
62Halter, Thomas2846.0000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
63Walcher, Lukas4941.4000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
64Mayer, Walter1737.6000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
65Preininger, Christian1229.7000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
66Schwab, Konrad2029.4000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
67Kothgasser, Wolfgang11027.0000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
68Schneider, Ulrich3826.9000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
69Eylert, Stefan1326.8000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
70Kind, Peter5325.8000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
71Karpf, Jürgen4821.3000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
72Kaufmann, Hubert11113.7000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
73Schwiegershausen, Corinna58.5000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
74Reuter, Fredi545.9000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
75Lippert, Peter592.3000:00:001LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
76Köhler, Mareen500.9000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
77Rössler, Rainer740.6000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
78Ecke, Christian470.0000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
79Seren, Thomas790.0000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
80Helden, Martin390.0000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
81Bajewski, Jörg8Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
82Eitrich, Michael41Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
83Hartmann, Christian51Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
84Heer, Rudolf101Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
85Jansen, Coen35Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
86Kirchner, Markus108Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
87Knatz, Christof46Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
88Krasnokutskyy, Maxim44Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
89Schröder, Dietrich43Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
90Sigl, Alexander45Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
91Sommerkamp, Sven112Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
92Bernhard, Reinhold302Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
93Paulik, Thomas301Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload