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Erzgebirgs Cup / Task 2 / 2016-06-10

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  • These results are only for informational purposes !!!
  • The live scoring is computed based on the livetracks of pilots every 5 minutes
  • The current scoring was computed on 2016-06-10 17:57:01 GMT

Temporary live task results

#Pilot NamePilot IDTask KmTask Time#Turn PointsTask ResultLive Track?TrackLogUpload
1Müglich, Dieter35108.1004:18:486GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
2Kirchner, Norbert4108.1004:51:596GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
3Herzog, Richard17108.1005:16:066GOAL - TracklogUpload
4Rühle, Felix36108.1005:30:266GOAL YES Track is live TracklogUpload
5Bernat, Robert1598.2000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
6Zeyher, Jochen696.6000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
7Krüger, Falko3393.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
8Füllgraebe, Mike2888.6000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
9Schreiner, Thomas1384.1000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
10Grabowski, Tim169.3000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
11Kothgasser, Wolfgang1157.9000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
12Ruber, Patrick3751.6000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
13Friedl, Christopher1049.6000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
14Braun, Lothar345.6000:00:003LO - TracklogUpload
15Friedemann, Peter243.2000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
16Hanfstängl, Markus838.3000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
17Geppert, Walter1238.2000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
18Kirchner, Markus2738.2000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
19Heer, Rudolf2238.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
20Nadlinger, Arnold1836.3000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
21Kienöl, Volkmar2935.9000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
22Burkhardtsmaier, Erich3435.1000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
23Veit, Manfred2329.2000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
24Krenz, Uwe1429.1000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
25Weist, Bernd3127.4000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
26Rüdinger, Jürgen1625.9000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
27Ripkens, Dirk525.1000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
28Puritscher, Hans-Peter2514.2000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
29Sommerkamp, Sven324.9000:00:002LO - TracklogUpload
30Kamml, Dieter201.8000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
31Raumauf, Toni90.6000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
32Kühnle, Achim380.0000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload
33Wozny, Eckard300.0000:00:001LO - TracklogUpload