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German Flatlands 2016 Paragliding / Task 2 Elsterwerder / 2016-08-16 - 2016-08-19

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  • These results are only for informational purposes !!!
  • The live scoring is computed based on the livetracks of pilots every 5 minutes
  • The current scoring was computed on 2016-08-16 23:57:01 GMT

Temporary live task results

#Pilot NamePilot IDTask KmTask Time#Turn PointsTask ResultLive Track?TrackLogUpload
1Rico Konratt372.8002:04:585GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
2Markus Henninger2772.8002:15:205GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
3Daniel Heumann8272.8002:15:385GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
4Sascha Schlösser472.8002:16:115GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
5Gerd Ott8772.8002:27:575GOAL YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
6Thoralf Hase3272.8002:35:255GOAL YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
7Birger Clausen5672.8002:56:115GOAL YES Track is live TracklogUpload
8Philipp Kies4872.8002:58:095GOAL YES Track is live TracklogUpload
9Hagen Walter1172.6001:51:054LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
10Armin Harich2470.9001:53:184LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
11Andreas Bülte2058.1000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
12Andreas Lieder6744.0000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
13Ralf Kopp2942.9000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
14Jens Nicklich4741.7000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
15Björn Berle3139.1000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
16Frank Zapf3736.9000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
17Markus Kaup4236.5000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
18Jörg Schmidt6834.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
19Erasmus Müller8333.7000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
20Jerome Robert8633.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
21Stefan Born3333.1000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
22Rolf Mößmer1032.1000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
23Sander Lepper, de531.8000:00:003LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
24Christoph Eymann5031.6000:00:003LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
25Karl-Heinz Hommer8830.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
26Gabriele Urban1430.0000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
27Manfred Welp2829.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
28Ronny Schmidt5328.8000:00:003LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
29Hans Bausenwein727.5000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
30Rene Pauly1226.8000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
31Karsten Ehlers5226.2000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
32Dieter Lische1525.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
33Matthias Kothe7324.9000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
34Wilhelm Schaeper4024.8000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
35Peter Hürlimann6624.3000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
36Ulrich Schmeck3024.3000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
37Axel Finke3922.9000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
38Pedro Citoler7121.2000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
39Nicole Zink7820.3000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
40Hartmut Puls7718.6000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
41Claus Vischer818.5000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
42Martin Serner3517.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
43Klaus-Peter Hauke3816.5000:00:002LO YES No end of Track was received TracklogUpload
44René Mertens7216.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
45Björn Gerhart5414.9000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
46Tobias Grundmann7513.6000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
47Helmut Maag5812.5000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
48Jürgen Bienhüls3412.3000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
49Josef Kather612.2000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
50Christian Rupprecht554.2000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
51Henrik Vogler791.6000:00:002LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
52Martin Dierolf700.7000:00:001LO YES Track is live TracklogUpload
53Ludger Veltmann600.6000:00:001LO YES Track was ended normally TracklogUpload
54Jan Meerbeek26Not yet scored YES Track is liveNo Tracklog yetUpload
55Martin Stedler49Not yet scored YES Track is liveNo Tracklog yetUpload
56Oliver Blonske1Not yet scored YES Track is liveNo Tracklog yetUpload
57Theodor Schürholz23Not yet scored YES Track is liveNo Tracklog yetUpload
58Christian Schlägel63Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
59Ingmar Lautenschläger45Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
60Markus Banik43Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
61Maurice Knur9Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
62Thomas Babucke65Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
63Torsten Seelig44Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
64Valerij Volkmann41Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
65Bernd Winopal57Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload